BJ Baldwin is back with his 850-horsepower trophy truck to put on a show for the people of Havana, Cuba... and the Internet at large.

In the fourth iteration of his “Recoil” series, where Baldwin stunts his trophy truck in various parts of the world, we’re treated to big air, dangerous drifts, and off-road stunts only Baldwin and his truck could accomplish.

Of course, there’s a loose plot to tie this stunt-filled film together, which begins with a couple of Cuban cigars, a set of characters straight from a “Fast and the Furious” movie, and a game of dominos as well.

The filming techniques are, once again, top notch to ensure viewers receive the best views of not only Baldwin’s insane stunts but also to capture the beauty that is Cuba, a country that's been walled off for decades to Americans. If you’re not in it for the scenery, take solace in knowing you’ll be treated to cockpit views, drone shots, and slow-motion footage to take every jump, sprint, and drift in.

If you’re in need of a brain break, “Recoil 4” and its 9.0-minute long series of escapades will certainly offer you an escape. Just don’t get any ideas inspired by the film on the drive home from work.