We've already seen teaser images showing off the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in the upcoming Driveclub video game. Now, PlayStation has gone ahead and released a bit of video showing off the game play—and the AMG GT—a bit more.

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The action looks good, the quality of the interior rendering appears to be excellent, and the video highlights the fact that you can win both the game and a new PlayStation 4.

It's clear that the game will have a heavy social aspect. You'll want to race with your friends, and that's something we can always look forward to both virtually and in real life.

When you create and/or join a club, you get access to more rewards and racing opportunities.

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There's also an app that will help you stay connected with your club when you're not playing the game.

Just don't think about naming your club CrazyDrivers2014... as that is clearly taken already.


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