A few days ago you got High Gear Media's executive editor, Mr. Padgett's, wonderful take on the latest from Lexus. It's the 2015 RC F, and it's proof that the automaker is finally taken a sport-orientated driving experience seriously.

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Yes, the IS-F has always been a fun ride, and the LFA is a glorious exercise in engineering. Those each have their issues though, with the IS-F being a step behind its competition and the LFA costing as much as a small planet.

The RC F represents the first real shots being fired at the luxury sports car segment, and these shots are well aimed. Lexus has created a car that's an engaging driving machine, yet remains at Lexus at its core. This means that tail-out enthusiast driving is as easy as shutting down the traction control system and planting the throttle, yet the ride is comfortable and the amenities are top notch.

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It might not beat up the new BMW M4 on a track, and it's not as wild as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, but it's good enough to give potential shoppers a new item to add to the list. That's a great step for the automaker.

Now if they could just cut about 400 pounds from the thing...


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