Blancfleet's business model of funding supercar rental through pre-reserved slots is already innovative, and makes renting out that dream car surprisingly affordable. Now the firm is extending that to a different service which it calls Mogul—an Uber-style service for a wealthier client.

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Unlike traditional rental firms, Blancfleet actually buys the supercars and luxury vehicles its customers rent. By pre-selling slots based on calendar days, rental fees cover the cost of the vehicle itself—which isn't bought until the slots are filled. That way, by the time the first customer rolls from Blancfleet's gates, they aren't having to prop up the financial risk of a leased vehicle. Blancfleet extends that to cars like the Rolls-Royce Ghost, only driving yourself isn't necessary—with the Mogul service, you can be whisked about by a chauffeur like the rich and famous.

Tap a button, the company says, and you can be picked up by the chauffeur-driven Ghost in minutes. It really is like Uber in that regard, only aimed at people with "class, taste and distinction". Unlike Uber, but like that of Blancfleet's regular fleet of vehicles, Mogul customers own a fractional interest of the cars they ride in. Not bad at all when the price for such high-brow transportation is $7 per mile.

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Blancfleet also notes that you aren't just constrained to Rolls-Royce cars either. There's little to stop you requesting one of the firm's other cars when you need to be somewhere, which means you could be chauffeur-driven to your destination in a Pagani Huayra or Bugatti Veyron—once the cars are in Blancfleet's garage. It's perhaps a little unbecoming to sit next to your chauffeur, but as a way of making an impact at your destination it only just falls short of driving there yourself. And it's a lot cheaper, too. Blancfleet has launched its Mogul service in New York City, with plans for other locations soon.


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