Most of us can't afford to buy the supercar of our dreams. And realistically, most of us can't afford the thousands of bucks it requires to hire one or join a supercar club with regular access to the world's fastest vehicles either.

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Blancfleet could offer you a way of getting behind the wheel of some of those cars, without paying a fortune to do so. Based out of New York, the company uses crowdfunding to raise capital to buy its vehicles, rather than purchasing them on finance. Cars can only be booked for rental once the company has actually bought them—and freed from the risks of renting out a car that the company doesn't actually own, rental rates tumble.

The firm uses a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo to illustrate the savings. At the moment, the car can be rented at $535 a day, compared to $1,200 per day from Hertz's dream car fleet. $535 for a day is little more than many rental companies will charge you for just a few hours and for a limited number of miles, yet all Blancfleet's vehicles can be booked with unlimited miles. The company sells a limited number of calendar days on a new car—up to 365 days in total—and members have up to 36 months to reserve the car over their days of choice. Blancfleet covers maintenance, storage and handling, so there's as little to think about as on any other rental.

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Blancfleet's current luxury car fleet includes a Mercedes-Benz S550, Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes G550, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Mercedes SLS AMG, Porsche 911, and a Nissan GT-R, with prices for the cheapest vehicle—the Range Rover Sport—starting at $217 per day. If none of those vehicles really grabs you, members can recommend cars for Blancfleet to purchase.

The company currently operates from New York, but plans expansion into other states soon. And according to

Blancfleet founder Charles Polanco, the company already has 1,000 members signed up. For more details, head to the Blancfleet website.


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