Located next to Porsche’s headquarters in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany lies the automaker’s official museum. The modern structure, opened in 2009, serves as a celebration of all things Porsche. It's open to the public, costs just a few euros to get in, and is a must-visit for any die-hard fan of the brand—and now there’s one more very important reason to visit.

Starting tomorrow and running until January 11, 2015, the museum is running an exhibition showcasing many of the top-secret concept cars and prototypes Porsche has built over the past 50 years. The cars include the mid-engined 911 used to develop the original Boxster, a super-slippery 911 used to test new aero concepts, a V-8-powered 911 and the very first 911 Turbo built prior to the official start of 911 Turbo production.

Oh, there’s also the 989 concept from 1988, which shows Porsche was considering a sporty sedan as far back as the ‘80s. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a wide range of race cars, and even a few projects done by Porsche for other automakers.

Until recently, all of these secret concepts, of which there are around 300, have been kept hidden in a warehouse just a few blocks away from the museum... and you could have walked by it never knowing the awesomeness that lied behind its doors. Now, finally, you have the chance to see what’s been locked up behind those doors all these years.


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