Michael Bay may be known primarily for showcasing awesome cars and explosions in the Transformers movies, but now he's taking on a very different kind of car-related movie. Bay and Warner Bros. have agreed to develop a movie based on designer Daniel Simon's 2007 book Cosmic Motors, according to Variety.

The book features concept art for futuristic vehicles from a faraway civilization called Galaxion. That sounds like fertile plot ground, provided Simon's cars get a decent amount of screen time before Bay blows them up.

According to Simon's back story, Cosmic Motors—or CoMo for short—turns retired war machines into high-tech performance vehicles. The book focuses on nine vehicles, including a "luxurious business truck" and a "mind-controlled unlimited-class racer."

Machete Kills writer Kyle Ward will reportedly pen the screenplay. Bay is on board to produce so far, but hasn't been confirmed as the director.

Simon himself is no stranger to movies. He was the lead vehicle designer on Tron: Legacy—where he re-imagined the iconic Light Cycle—and Captain America: The Winter Solider. He was also a concept illustrator for the sci-fi film Oblivion.

Outside of Hollywood, Simon also designed the Lotus C-01 superbike and liveries for race cars. If that sleek motorcycle is any indication, an entire fictional world populated with Simon's designs should be something to see.


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