One of Winter's most anticipated films was TRON Legacy, the follow-up to 1980s science-fiction film TRON. In the original, a hacker played by Jeff Bridges gets absorbed into a perilous virtual world and in Legacy, his son falls to the same fate.

For tech fans the plot is really just a sideline to futuristic special effects though, with even the 80s film being way ahead of its time and the latest release making full use of the latest 3D technology. Both films feature snazzy suits with strips of light running through them, but even cooler were the Light Cycles, deadly futuristic racing machines running at high speed along grid lines set into the ground.

Your local high street might not be as dystopian as the world of TRON, but with the right amount of money you'll now be able to race along it on a Light Cycle from TRON Legacy.

For $55,000, a specialist gadget site called Hammacher Schlemmer will give you your very own Light Cycle to live out your greatest sci-fi fantasies. Constructed on a steel frame with fiberglass panels, the real life Cycle uses a 996cc Suzuki four-stroke engine so performance should be every bit as quick as it looks in the films. You can apparently upgrate to the engine from Ducati's gorgeous 996, too.

You can decide yourself whether $55,000 is a fair price to pay for a piece of movie memorabilia even if it's not the genuine article. You'd no doubt pay more for the piano in Casablanca but then you wouldn't be able to ride that through your neighborhood unless you were particularly eccentric.

$15,000 less would get you a Ducati 1198 R Corse (not a cheap bike in itself) if you were after performance, but perhaps that's missing the point. For the well-heeled movie buff, it could be the best $55,000 you'll ever spend.

And will a Ducati glow in the dark, huh? No? Thought not...

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