• BMW i Launch Event, Frankfurt, July 2011

    Sometimes the pace of development in the automotive segment has echos of Moore's Law, the trend for power in the computing world to double every two years. No sooner have manufacturers such as Audi started ditching halogen and HID lighting for intelligent and ultra-bright LED light clusters in some high-end cars, BMW decides it wants to develop laser lighting, offering brightness and control far beyond that of any LED system. BMW says laser headlights will offer several benefits over the already impressive characteristics of LEDs. Laser light is very different from natural sunlight or our...

  • LED bulbs
    Plug-n-Play LED Lighting On The Way, Gets Brighter, Cheaper

    If you spend a lot of time driving you won't have failed to notice the distinctive shape of high intensity LED daytime running lights on some modern vehicles. As for LED tail-lights, those are even more common. Only a small selection of vehicles features entirely LED-based headlights though...

  • "Powerdecal" illuminated sticker
    Powerdecal: The Sticker That Turns On And Off With Your Car

    Fed up with bumper stickers and window stickers that nobody else can see at night? Want to show off your allegiance to a particular sports team or college even in the darkest of nights? What you need is the Powerdecal. This 4" sticker can be affixed on the inside of any window and uses three AA...

  • Audi Adaptive Headlights
    Maintenance-Free All-LED Headlights For 2012 Audi A6 Sedan

    Following the lead of Audi's other models the R8 supercar, A7 Sportback and A8 luxury sedan, the 2012 Audi A6 executive sedan now comes as standard with all-LED headlights and LED daytime running lights, the latter a feature familiar to most modern Audis. The all-LED lights were first seen on...

  • TRON Legacy Light Cycle
    Light Up The Streets: TRON Light Cycles Now For Sale

    One of Winter's most anticipated films was TRON Legacy, the follow-up to 1980s science-fiction film TRON. In the original, a hacker played by Jeff Bridges gets absorbed into a perilous virtual world and in Legacy, his son falls to the same fate. For tech fans the plot is really just a sideline to...

  • Volkswagen XL1 Concept
    Volkswagen XL1: High-Tech, Super Efficient, 261 mpg

    If the 20th Century was all about improvements in safety and performance for the motor car, the 21st Century see these criteria joined by efficiency. We're seeing a phoenix-like rise by the electric car, and manufacturers are finally taking steps to reduce vehicle weight, improve aerodynamics and...

  • 2009 Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept

    The chopped-top roadster won't likely see production, but it's a very cool concept.

  • ktm x bow range 015
    KTM brings five-pack of track-day specials to Geneva Motor Show

    If you want to go fast around a track, chances are you already know about the KTM X-Bow - but you may not know about the four new variants introduced today in Geneva. Even as the model range expands, however, KTM is drawing back production to meet the receding market. The familiar KTM X-Bow is now...

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