Whilst the rest of the world is either swooning in love and chocolate or shuffling around cursing all the happy couples and entertaining thoughts that Al Capone probably had the right approach in 1929, Smart USA is offering drivers of the ForTwo city car the chance to wrap it in romantic messages for Valentine's Day.

It's not the first time Smart has offered groovy wraps for the car, and although the concept would look ridiculous on anything else, the two-tone ForTwo seems to work well with designs down the side. The new wraps join other designs as part of Smart's Expressions program and are made of hardy vinyl, no doubt a material that's also associated with Valentine's Day for some couples.

Whether you'd choose to go for one of the Valentine's Day wraps is another matter, unless you wanted your object of affection to spread the love over the rest of the year too, with messages like "I love you" and "Wrapped in love" emblazoned across the car. Our favourite is probably the tattoo-like "Wings of Love" design.

Smart Expressions color and vinyl-wrap pattern options

Smart Expressions color and vinyl-wrap pattern options

Other designs make heavy use of the color pink with stylized hearts to turn your city car into a passion wagon, which will no doubt match perfectly with some fluffy pink seat and steering wheel covers from your nearest motor accessories store.

For those alone this February 14th, we're sure those same stores will offer "Valentine's Day Sucks" bumper stickers, which you can use on any vehicle...

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