Chrysler might be (whisper it) partnered with Italian firm Fiat, but the company is proud of its American heritage. Over the last few years it's pushed the 'Imported from Detroit' message at every opportunity, and while its latest ad for the 2015 Chrysler 200 isn't related to that campaign, it certainly has a similar vibe.

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The new ad, called Born Makers, is the latest message, and it gets behind the hard-working image America prides itself on. The ad extols the virtues of those with "calloused hands" and "strong backs", those made from big ideas and sharp minds. The stuff that makes a born maker, says Chrysler, is the same stuff that goes into the 200.

All the other hard-working American cues are there too: Gravelly-voiced narrator, desert skylines, cityscapes, factories, and the default overlaid stars'n'stripes. It's a car that "doesn't have to cross the ocean to be worthy of the American road", according to Chrysler—a car with "swagger, intelligence, and soul".

You can judge that for yourself, of course. To learn more about the 2015 Chrysler 200, there's a full review over at The Car Connection.


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