Sometimes it’s the simplest message that communicates most forcefully. That’s exactly the case with this Volkswagen safety message, delivered to moviegoers in Hong Kong.

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The scene opens with the theater packed, patrons presumably settled in to enjoy the previews ahead of their movie. A car starts and heads out down the road. Then everyone in the audience gets a text message. While they’re looking down at their phones (we’re shocked at the number of folks who didn’t have the decency to mute their ringers), the car that had been driving placidly suddenly veers off the road into a tree.

That’s really all it takes to lose your life or take someone else’s behind the wheel—a few seconds of inattention. Especially if you're fond of driving fast cars fast like we are.

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If you were really important enough to need to check that incoming text or email that second, you’d have a driver, you’d be in the back seat, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.

Don’t text and drive.