Audi will expand its lineup to 60 different models by the end of the decade to help it reach two million annual sales, but none of the new cars will be positioned below the current A1 subcompact. Previously, Audi was rumored to be working on its own version of Volkswagen’s Up minicar but it appears only bigger cars are on the menu.

Speaking with CAR at the recent 2014 Beijing Auto Show, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirmed that there were no plans to launch a car below the A1, as there was no need for such a model. Instead, we’re likely to see more crossovers and SUVs added to the lineup.

“We want to expand the SUV side of the business,” Stadler is reported to have said. “By 2020, our Q-models will account for over 45 percent of sales.”

One of these new Q-models will be a subcompact Q1 crossover. Another is expected to be a Q6 model based on the Q5 platform but differentiated with coupe-like styling. Other possibilities include a production version of the recent TT Offroad concept, which some are already calling a Q4, and a new range-topping SUV.

The range-topping SUV is likely to be called a Q8 if it features coupe-like styling or a Q9 if a conventional SUV design is utilized. Stadler confirmed that such a vehicle was in the planning but admitted it had yet to be approved for production. He went on to reveal that if the green light was given, then the range-topping SUV would offer a plug-in hybrid option.


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