Alfa Romeo’s stunning 4C sports car is due in local showrooms around June, but overseas the car has been on sale for several months and has already managed to rack up more than 1,700 orders. By the time we finally get it, Alfa Romeo will already be preparing an update for the car.

That’s the word of Alfa Romeo marketing boss Alberto Cavaggioni, who spoke recently with the online version of Top Gear. Cavaggioni explained that Alfa Romeo will give the 4C yearly updates throughout its life to keep “enthusiasm alive.”

He also said that he envisioned the car having a lifespan of “at least” four to five years. When pushed on the topic of a hardcore version being launched, a potential ‘GTA’ model, Cavaggioni didn’t confirm such a car but didn’t rule one out either.

Already we’ve seen the covers come off a new 4C Spider, which is still a concept but, according to Cavaggioni, is being rushed for production. An early 2015 launch is said to be the target.

In addition, we’ve also learned that the more elegant headlight design of the 4C Spider will be offered as an option for buyers of the coupe. Hopefully the next update to the 4C sees a little extra power extracted from the car’s turbocharged and direct-injected 1.75-liter engine.


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