When Alfa Romeo first revealed the production 4C sports car, many were surprised that the elegant twin-lens design of the original concept’s headlights were replaced with units dotted with a handful of tiny lenses that resembled the eyes of an insect. At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo revealed a new 4C Spider concept, which showed that designers have since reverted back to a twin-lens design.

According to Autocar, buyers of the 4C coupe will have the option of the standard bug-like units or the more elegant set from the 4C Spider concept. Interestingly, the production 4C Spider, due sometime in 2015, is said to be coming with only the more elegant set.

Alfa Romeo never explained why it implemented the dramatic change for the headlight design when moving from the concept stage to production for the 4C, though there were claims it had to do with speeding up the car's regulatory approval process.

We should get U.S. specifications for the 4C in the coming months, as the car is said to be finally arriving in local showrooms this June, well past the original promise date of late 2013. The car will initially be sold at select Fiat and Maserati stores and is expected to be priced at around $54,000.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider concept, 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider concept, 2014 Geneva Motor Show


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