BMW seems to be in love with the idea of adding fake sound generators to their vehicles these days. That's a shame since the engines can sound quite exciting on their own, with no help from false sources. Still, a car that will require some fake sound generation is the BMW i8, since it is capable of running silently and that's a bit dangerous to pedestrians.

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There is an engine under the sultry skin though, and we're curious as to what it will sound like. Considering it's a three-cylinder engine with a turbocharger, we'd wager that it sounds good. The folks at Bimmerpost discovered that it actually doesn't sound good... it sounds excellent.

The video shown above was taken from inside the cabin of a pre-production BMW i8 that has its fake sound-generating Active Sound Design system disabled for testing purposes. Why even add the system back in if the car is capable of producing noises like that? It seems like a case of over-engineering, where engineers are adding features simply to add them. If I had a BMW i8, I'd head to the owner forums and find out how to disable the system... then I'd enjoy the raw raucousness of delightfully mad three-cylinder turbocharged aural glory.

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