The 2015 Nissan GT- R NISMO is one of the fastest cars ever produced, having set an incredible 7:08.679 Nürburgring lap time at the hands of racing driver Michael Krumm. However, to achieve that time, Krumm’s GT-R NISMO was fitted with some special parts that don’t come on the stock version.

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Those special parts are still being developed for production, as Nissan details in the video above. They will be grouped in an optional package called the NISMO N-Attack Package. The individual upgrades are substantial and focus on three main areas: aerodynamics, weight and suspension.

Specific items include four-way adjustable Öhlins shocks, stiffer stabilizer bars, less fade resistant brake pads, limited-slip differentials front and rear, carbon fiber aero pieces, custom piping for the engine’s intercooler, and unique ECU tuning. To help save weight, the package includes a carbon fiber rear bulkhead and new Recaro buckets with carbon frames. Nissan is planning much more but can’t confirm what will be included until testing is completed.

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The automaker has confirmed that its 2015 GT-R NISMO will cost $151,585 including a $1,595 destination charge. Pricing of the NISMO N-Attack Package should be revealed closer to the GT-R NISMO’s launch this summer, but we can expect a hefty slug given the number of upgrades and the performance they deliver.

Nissan is not alone in offering a dedicated performance package for one its cars. The current production car record holder for a Nürburgring lap, the Porsche 918 Spyder, required a special package when setting its time. Other cars with similar packages include the Lexus LFA (Nürburgring Package) and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (Z51 Package).


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