Saying that there are plenty of tough corners on the Nürburgring is like saying Nutella tastes like angels fornicating on your tongue. Both of those are understatements. A BMW driver recently got a first hand look at what happens on one of those tough corners when he came in a bit too hot and tried to fix the problem with plenty of opposite lock. The car in question appears to be an E36 M3 coupe, and the owner can only hold on as it enters the spin cycle.

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To make matters worse, there is a Hummer H3 right on his behind.

We're impressed with a few things here:

  1. The attempted entry angle of the BMW.
  2. That no one was hurt and no sheet metal was crunched.
  3. The Hummer driver appeared to be hanging with the M3... that's amazing.

Still, it's only an 11-second video so we can't judge either lap up to that point. We'd love to know one thing though; what the heck is a Hummer doing on the 'Ring?

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