Thanks to you, our avid and loyal readers, we've done it: Motor Authority's Facebook community has grown past 1 million car-loving gearheads.

That's a substantial number of people by any measure, but we thought it might help to visualize some of the things 1 million Motor Authority fans could do if they got together, so we made this infographic.

Since launching the website in 2006, we've sought to provide you with the best, most interesting news and reviews of luxury and high-performance cars. As we enter our eighth full year doing what we love and sharing it with you, we look forward to the next eight years, and many after that.

Motor Authority didn't join Facebook until 2009, and over the last 5 years, we've had a lot of fun--and even learned a few things--interacting with you, our fans, through comments, posts, competitions, and more. You've even helped to create some great content, like helping Nissan decide what to do with its Craigslist Maxima, and coming up with your own top list of the best car movies of all time.

For your time, for your interest, for your support, and for your interaction, all of us at Motor Authority thank you. Here's to the next million!

Motor Authority 1 Million Facebook fans infographic

Motor Authority 1 Million Facebook fans infographic