A young man in Chicago decided it would be the right time to try and steal a vehicle. He found a woman in her garage, demanded the keys to her 2012 Acura MDX, and attempted to ride off into the snowy sunset. The woman handed over the keys, fled the garage, and closed the door behind her. She then called the police. You'd think the carjacker would have gotten away at this point, but you'd be wrong.

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Police arrived to find Andre Bacon sitting in the driver's seat of the MDX. His theft was canceled, thanks to the real hero of this tale... the closed garage door.

This is a cautionary tale for all you would-be carjackers out there: Know how to get out of a garage. It also helps to know how to drive vehicles with all manner of gearbox, as a few would-be thieves found out when their target vehicle came equipped with a manual gearbox. They didn't know how to row their own, and they had to flee the scene on foot.

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Of course, our best recommendation for car thieves is to stop stealing cars... jerks.


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