Just last week, we brought you the story of a rather odd but inventive 10-year old Norwegian boy who stole his parents car and strapped his toddler sister in for a drive to his grandmother's house--but got stuck in a ditch and impersonated a dwarf along the way. Now he's stolen another car and gotten caught again.

This time the boy didn't attempt the dwarf routine, and the townspeople of Dokka, in the Oppland region of Norway north of Oslo, didn't take his antics lightly, either. The boy stopped along the way, and bystanders promptly snatched the car keys from him, reports Reuters.

The boy's second trip lasted quite a bit longer, however, getting 19 miles from his starting point--his aunt's house--with a different car. He didn't take his young sister along for the ride this time, either. Despite the longer drive (the last one lasted about 6 miles), the boy was still about 20 miles short of his destination, which was once again his grandmother's house.

Police are taking this second round of theft and underage driving more seriously, referring the boy's family to child services. As much as we understand the urge to get out on the open road--whatever your age--we certainly hope the authorities can talk some sense into the kid. His story is starting to sound like the early years of notorious serial train hijacker Darius McCollum.