We've been eager to get behind the wheel of the new M3 and M4 since seeing them in the flesh at the latest round of auto shows, and now it looks like we know how much that will cost you: about $62,000, minimum.

That's the starting price of the 2015 BMW M3 sedan in the U.S., according to documents at BMW Blog purporting to show the official pricing and options lists for the new M3 and M4. The M4 coupe will start at $64,200. You can shave about $4300 off either price by opting for European Delivery.

Other highlights from the leaked documents include options for the M-DCT dual-clutch transmission, M carbon ceramic brakes, Adaptive M Suspension, two different styles of 19-inch alloy wheels, a moonroof (conflicts with the carbon fiber roof), and a range of safety features including rear-, side-, and top-view cameras, head-up display, parking sensors, and more.

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