Rally America fans who are sick of watching races on YouTube should be happy to know that the U.S. rallying organization has reached an agreement with NBC Sports to air the action on television beginning this spring.

Each of the eight National Championship events will be formatted as a one-hour show, featuring race footage, commentary, and profiles of the competitors.

The only catch is that the television coverage will be aired months after the actual rallies. The first rally of the season--the Sno*Drift Rally--took place January 24-25, but the episode covering it on NBC won't air until April 5. Episodes will continue to air through November 16, so there won't exactly be one every week.

Regardless, this should give fans another way to watch Rally America, and hopefully get more exposure for the series and for rallying in general. It may not be the World Rally Championship (WRC), but Rally America still features fast cars, rough terrain, and talented drivers like David Higgins, Ken Block, and Travis Pastrana.

The first episode of NBC Sports' Rally America coverage airs April 5 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Check your local listings for the full schedule.


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