Few cars garner as much attention at the annual SEMA bash than the Ford Mustang. In fact, the popular pony car has been voted SEMA’s hottest on a number of occasions, and this year there will be plenty of tuned Mustangs on show. Many of these will be presented by the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] itself, including the Project Yellow Jacket Mustang and this Hollywood Hot Rods special.

Hollywood Hot Rods has chosen the 2014 Ford Mustang GT Convertible as the basis of its latest project car, and has built it up with what the tuner calls “supercar style and performance.”

More than 150 hours of went into reshaping the entire rear section of the Mustang project car in metal--hand-formed aluminum, to be precise. An additional 250 hours of hand-forming went into crafting the lift-off roof as well as the front splitter, side scoops, skirts and diffuser, once again in custom fabricated aluminum.

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But the car also gets a healthy dose of engine tuning to match its awesome looks. This involved the installation of a Ford Racing Whipple supercharger and Banks Power water-methanol injection system to help the car’s 5.0-liter V-8 deliver an estimated 750 horsepower.

The chassis was also worked on, with a Cortex Racing X-treme grip track suspension with rear Watts linkage and torque arm added, along with JRI coilover dampers at all four corners, StopTech six-piston brakes, and extra-wide rubber.

“We really wanted to take the customization of this Mustang to the next level,” said Troy Ladd, owner of Hollywood Hot Rods. “Instead of simply adding accessories and a custom paint job, we wanted to really change the car.”

We can’t wait to see Hollywood Hot Rods’ Mustang in the metal. The car will be presented at the SEMA show in Las Vegas on November 5. The Motor Authority team will be on hand to bring you all the highlights, so be sure to check our dedicated hub often.


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