Not long ago, we brought you a video from Jaguar that showed the automaker was working on four new models spawned from the modular iQ[Al] platform previewed in the C-X17 crossover concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Now Autocar is also reporting that Jaguar’s iQ[Al] platform will spawn four new models, and that the four of them will be on the market by 2018.

The information was revealed to the British magazine by Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark. Unfortunately, Hallmark didn’t reveal what form the four models will take but we already have a few clues as to what to expect.

The first will be a small sedan, which Jaguar has already confirmed for launch in 2015. Development of this sedan is still in the test mule stage but we should be seeing the first prototypes soon. The car will be low and sporty and, according to Hallmark, one of the most technologically advanced and fuel efficient cars in its class.

Beyond the small sedan, Jaguar is likely to launch a wagon variant or “Sportbrake” as the automaker likes to call them. Then there will be a crossover styled after the well-received C-X17 concept. It’s still unclear what the fourth model will be though it’s likely to be a sporty coupe, which should help Jaguar's offerings align better with the competition. Autocar reports that a hatch similar to BMW’s Gran Turismo range is also possible, though this option is unlikely due to the niche status of such models.


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