Are you a person who misses the Pontiac brand? Perhaps you were hoping it would continue so you could have your chance at a modern GTO? Well, if the brand had survived they certainly would've produced that car you were after. According to Bob Lutz in a recent issue of Road & Track, a next-generation Pontiac GTO was being developed. They even had the new Goat clayed out as a full-scale model, and it was a four-passenger coupe based on the same platform as the G8 sedan.

This tidbit was revealed when Lutz was asked a question from a reader. He writes a segment for R&T each month, and his answers range from hilarious to wonderfully insightful. The reader stated that they owned a 2006 GTO and then asked Bob what he would do to the GTO program if he had another shot at it. His answer revealed the idea of an updated GTO, which is sure to sadden fans of both the model and the brand.

Still, if you're really hankering for some delightful Pontiac-esque goodness. It's time to pack your bags and move to Australia. Down there they are rip-roaring V-8 products from General Motors. Sure, they also have a much higher cost of living and lots of heat. Oh, and pretty much anything that moves can kill you.

Still... you'd have your V-8, and that's all that really matters. 


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