It’s been quite some time since we last heard about the newest car from Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, but we now have news that the car is slated for a market launch in 2016. Unfortunately, Murray’s latest creation isn’t a world-beating supercar but an innovative city car the South African designer and his eponymous design firm Gordon Murray Design is touting as a solution for congestion and pollution in the world’s major cities.

That city car is the T25, or T27 in electric guise. For those unfamiliar with the project, it is basically a design for a new type and class of personal transport. It is more of a proof of concept than actual car, as Murray’s plan is to sell or license the T25 design to automakers. Murray also envisages a range of bodystyles for the T25, including a van, pickup truck, taxi, police car, convertible and even an MPV.

Via his personal blog, Murray has now confirmed that the T25 and T27 designs have been sold to a customer, presumably an automaker, and that the cars will be on sale in 2016.

“The T25 and T27 concept has now been sold to a customer and with a following wind a lot more drivers should be able to enjoy the centre drive experience in 2016,” he said.

Along with the T25, Murray has also come up with a new way of producing cars, which is said to require 80 percent less capital investment and uses less energy and space than traditional production means. Called iStream, Murray’s new production process requires cars that have completely separate chassis and bodies.

The body panels are ‘married’ to the completed chassis near the end of the assembly process, helping to reduce paint damage normally associated with a standard assembly line. All external panels can be mechanically fixed to the chassis. Importantly, iStream allows the chassis to be scaled in size for different products with each new design requiring only low-cost tooling and software changes, helping to speed up lead times for new models.

In his blog, he also said Gordon Murray Design was currently involved with five separate iStream customers.

Targeted to weigh 880 pounds less than a standard small car, which would likely put it in the 1,760-2,200 pound range or less, the T25 is very lightweight, but not unsafely or impracticably so, as have been many of the carbon fiber-based design concepts of late.

It features a 1+2 seating arrangement, with the driver’s seat mounted in the center, ala the McLaren F1, and the powertrain sits up back and drives the rear wheels. There is only one door, which swings up and forward, allowing access from both sides, and the rear seats can be folded flat to help increase storage space.

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