A new supercar is brewing in the Middle East, one that will set some hard to beat benchmarks, not only in terms of performance and technology but also in price and exclusivity. We are, of course, talking about the upcoming Lykan Hypersport from supercar startup W Motors.

Today, the company announced that the Lykan Hypersport, which will retail for a staggering $3.4 million and be built in an exclusive run of just seven units, will feature rear-opening ‘suicide’ doors.

These latest renderings show how the doors will look when fully extended and reveal a design not seen on any other supercar currently in production. Rolls-Royce’s Phantom Coupe features a similar door design but these don’t angle upwards like on the Lykan Hypersport.

W Motors has also confirmed that the production version of the Lykan Hypersport will be shown for the first time at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show in November. A concept version was shown earlier this year at the 2013 Qatar Motor Show.

Two versions of the car are being developed: the range-topping Lykan Hypersport you see here and a slightly tamer Lykan Supersport. Both will be built on a bespoke platform and feature a turbocharged flat-six engine developed by famous Porsche tuner RUF. The Lykan Hypersport will develop as much as 750 horsepower and is said to be capable of accelerating to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and reaching a top speed of 245 mph.

To justify its lofty pricetag, the Lykan Hypersport has been designed to incorporate jewels and precious metals in its construction and advanced technologies, including an interactive holographic display system, in its cabin.

If you were just itching to drop $3.4 million on one of the seven examples W Motors will be building, we hear all the cars have already been accounted for. Fortunately, given that success, we’re sure the company will launch a followup.


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