We often say the love of cars is something in our blood. For one Portland, Oregon toddler, it may be in the genes. At just 14 months old, Sorella Stoute bought a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite on eBay.

Unfortunately, it's not exactly a sterling example, its doors painted "Frankensprite." Fortunately, the purchase price was just $225.

How did the barely-mobile youngster manage the jalopy purchase? With her dad's smartphone and the eBay mobile app.

A few errant swipes and pokes later, Little Miss Stoute had made the buy and closed the app, leaving her dad, Paul Stoute, to discover the surprise fleet addition via an eBay confirmation email, reports KOIN news.

If you're thinking that not only is a toddler an unlikely classic sports car buyer, but that Portland, Oregon is one of the most unlikely locales for such seemingly pre-destined automophilia, you're not alone. This is definitely weird, but it's not exactly Portland-weird.

Paul Stoute said he decided to keep the car, hoping to restore it for Sorella's 16th birthday gift. He has also enhanced his phone's log-in security.

 Hat tip to John and the British Saloon Car Club of Canada!