Enough pictures, enough video, enough stats and press releases. Someday soon, by the beard of Jupiter, we want to experience the Alfa Romeo 4C in the flesh.

Still, the videos aren't terrible, as the subject in question is more than easy on the eyes.

The latest clip released from Alfa Romeo shows the 4C being hustled around the Balocco Racetrack, which is located in the Piedmont region of Italy (wine fan alert!). This video shows 4C ripping through corners, and apparently breaking out into a sweat, because the rest of the clip shows sunny skies.

It's still a tease though, and a bit of a cruel one. At the very beginning we're treated to the car starting up, but the pending exhaust and engine noises give way to overly dramatic music. That's not what we want to hear. If the car is shown powersliding around a corner, we want to hear rubber being murdered, an engine orchestrating mayhem, and an exhaust barking angrily at the tarmac as it passes over it.

Oh, well. I guess we just have to wait for our own time behind the wheel. For now, we'll try to remain content with the aforementioned stills, videos, and stories being sent out. Time to go back and watch that clip again... for the 35th time or so.


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