Earlier this month it was confirmed that the remnants of British sports car manufacturer TVR had been sold to a consortium of investors led by entrepreneur Les Edgar, a previous owner of a TVR Cerbera.

At the time, Edgar wasn’t willing to reveal any details about his future plans for TVR due to confidentiality agreements, but now, in one of his first interviews, he has dropped some hints.

Speaking with Autocar, Edgar said he and his partners plan to launch two TVR sports cars starting from 2015.

The cheaper of the two cars will be priced from about 50k British pounds (approximately $76k) and there’s a possibility that existing TVR sports car platforms may be used. Edgar explained that starting from scratch was also a possibility, though understandably this would push back the launch date.

Crucially, Edgar and his partners are keen to take off where long-time TVR owner Peter Wheeler left off. The plan is to keep the cars free of electronic aids and comforts and focus on performance, driving feel and character.

Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configurations will be maintained, as will some of TVR’s storied nameplates.

Further down the track, a return to racing, particularly Le Mans, is foreseeable. TVR has a history at Le Mans and Edgar has some experience at the famous French race, too. He was part of the team that helped get Aston Martin back into endurance racing.

Of course, Edgar and his partners are being pragmatic about TVR’s comeback and focusing primarily on restarting car production. Sadly, volumes will be low, which means sales will be limited to the U.K. for the time being.


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