In the world of car tuning, a suitably impressive dyno sheet can be as important as the car itself. It's documentation of your--or at least your car's--awesomeness. But even a 1,000-whp dyno doesn't match this guy's dyno cred. He and his Shelby GT500 blew the dyno right up.

On what appears to be a mobile dyno, the sort often trucked out to track days, car shows, and the like--in this case, the Expo Perfomance 24 in Quebec--a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible readies to show its roller-stomping might. As the driver begins to rev the car, the dyno operators stop him to make a final adjustment. They didn't know how final it would be.

Next thing you know, the GT500 is nearing peak power, the rollers singing with their speed. Then it all comes apart, literally. Sparks flying, the car surging and slumping on its now-broken stand (but thankfully not rocketing forward at the triple-digit speeds of the rear wheels), the dyno run is over, as is the dyno.

Now that's some bragging rights.

"My car has 863 whp!"

"Oh yeah? Mine blew up the dyno."




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