The company responsible for much of Toyota’s motorsports efforts as well as its official performance upgrades, Toyota Racing Developments (TRD), has brought out the first round of upgrades for the 2014 Lexus IS.

The upgrades include a few aerodynamic aids as well as chassis improvements.

To improve aerodynamics, TRD adds new spoiler extensions at the front, sporty side sills, a small trunk lid spoiler and an aggressive rear diffuser.

For the chassis, there are 19-inch aluminum wheels, sports dampers and additional bracing for the suspension. A sports muffler kit is also available.

Pricing for the body kit starts at 437,700 yen (approximately $4,270), while the suspension upgrades list at 288,750 yen ($2,817) and the wheels list at 527,625 yen for the set ($5,150).

Currently, the parts are only listed on TRD’s Japanese website but with any luck distributors in the U.S. will also offer them eventually.

Note, Lexus also offers its own upgrades for the IS in the form of the F Sport range.

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