The freaky, awesome, genre-bending Giugiaro Parcour concept has been tweaking the dark corners of our brains since its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Now, it goes one further, with a video of the scissor-doored SUV-coupe in action.

With a 5.2-liter Lamborghini V-10 engine providing power to all four wheels, scissor doors, and a radical look, it could be considered a new Lamborghini SUV. Of course, we already know what that will look like--and it's called Urus.

In truth, the Parcour is even more radical than the Urus, throwing all practicality and passenger space to the wind for a sleek, though high-riding, shape.

In fact, the ride height is adjustable from 8.3 inches to 13 inches, as demonstrated in the video.

At 3.6 seconds to 60 mph, with Rally Fighter proportions in a more compact package, and Giugiaro's inimitable sense of taste, we can't help but wish the Parcour were more than automotive fantasy.