Lamborghini sales grew an impressive 30 percent last year to end the period with 2,083 sales in total.

That’s still off the pace of the company’s record result in 2008, where it sold a total of 2,430 vehicles.

Nevertheless, it’s substantially higher than the 1,602 vehicles sold in 2011, and, with the new Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster just hitting showrooms, 2013 could prove an even better year.

The sales growth over 2012 was driven by the first full year of sales for the Aventador (922 units) while the Gallardo confirms its status as the most successful Lamborghini ever with an almost stable performance compared to 2011.

A total of 1,161 Gallardos were sold in 2012, adding to the tally of more than 13,000 examples delivered since the car's launch.

The U.S. remains the single biggest market for Lamborghini, with one out of every four of the supercars reaching these shores in 2012. That represents a massive increase in sales of 53 percent over the preceding year.

This is understandable considering the pent-up demand for the Aventador but the sales show no signs of slowing, with pre-orders for the Aventador and its new roadster sibling still exceeding production. If you want one you’ll have to wait at least 15 months for the car--or be willing to pay a hefty premium to someone further up the list. 

After the U.S., China was the second biggest market, accounting for 15 percent of sales, while Europe, despite major economic headwinds, still accounted for 29 percent of Lamborghini sales.