If you're not familiar with the Scion FR-S--love it, hate it, or just don't care--you should turn in your enthusiast card right now. If you'd like to see what a track-tuned 350-horsepower turbo FR-S is like, you're in luck.

The Tuned show on YouTube's Drive channel, hosted by Matt Farah, recently got behind the wheel of exactly such a car--the VCMC Turbo FR-S, built by Team VCMC for the Canadian version of the Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge.

As you'd guess it looks and sounds properly fast. Even more so running on track with a bunch of half-broken 24 Hours of Lemons cars.

And if that doesn't quite sate your desire for forced-induction FR-S (twin) goodness, check out the GRMN twin-charged GT 86 for a Japanese take on the subject--or check out the video below, showing the VCMC car and its rivals in autocross competition during the Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge last fall.

If you're curious, the challenge is still ongoing, and the VCMC team is tied for second place.