Winter in the Northeast can be cruel to those with a passion for automobiles and driving. How cruel? Well, to be specific, we were scheduled to test drive the Bailey P4 replica seen here on a recent trip to New York, until back-to-back snow storms put a damper on our plans.

We trust our ability to drive cars in all kinds of weather, but we draw the line when the car is worth $175,000, shod with semi-slick tires and powered by a throaty Ferrari V-12 good for some 360 horsepower. We promise to cover the car in more detail (along with its stablemate, the Bailey 917 replica) in the future, when the weather is more conducive to road tests.

In the mean time, here’s footage of Ron Gallo, owner of Bailey Cars North America, stretching the legs of the Ferrari P4 replica on a drive around a New York State Reservoir. Since cold tires, a 12-cylinder Ferrari engine and loose gravel are a dangerous mix, we understand Mr. Gallo’s prudent applications of throttle.

We’d be the first to admit that the car sounds fantastic, and we’re sure its performance is impressive. Only four actual Ferrari P4s were ever built, and since that puts their value firmly in the eight-digit range, we don’t expect an invite to drive an original any time soon (though we’ll certainly clear our calendars for the opportunity).

That’s just one more reason we have to give a tip of the hat to Bailey Cars. Original Porsche 917s, Ferrari P4s, Ford GT40s and Lola T70s have become far too valuable to drive (or drive hard, anyway), making Bailey’s replicas seem more attractive with each passing year.