Steve McQueen died of cancer in 1980, but anything associated with the King of Cool remains in high demand. In 2011, McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S (seen in the movie “Le Mans”) sold for an impressive $1.375 million, and a few months later his Nomex driver’s suit from the movie sold for $984,000.

Ford has produced a few versions of the “Bullitt” Mustang made famous by McQueen in the movie of the same name, and these never fail to find buyers seeking an association with the actor. We’re pretty sure that the star’s former lawn mower could command a six-figure price, too, if presented at the right auction.

If you’ve been looking for a chance to buy one of McQueen’s vehicles, and if you’ve got a thing for vintage pickup trucks, we’ve got some good news: up for sale on eBay Motors is a 1941 Chevy pickup once owned by McQueen and complete with a pink slip in his name.

We’d encourage potential buyers to do a bit of research, but from what we can tell the auction looks legitimate. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will even be donated to The Boy’s Republic School in Chino, California, a cause still supported by McQueen’s family.

The truck sports a recent cosmetic restoration, though we’re not sure if this will help or hurt its value. The interior has been redone as well, and the odometer reads just 60,390 miles, so the truck’s in-line six engine should have plenty of life left in it (not that the buyer will actually want to drive his new investment).

We have no idea what kind of price the seller has in mind (since no “Buy It Now” price is given), but the current high bid of $25,000 hasn’t hit the reserve. Assuming the truck is as the seller claims, it’s a safe bet that the selling price will set a new record for a 1941 Chevy pickup.