Mister Cartoon's range of Sanctiond car care products

Mister Cartoon's range of Sanctiond car care products

Snoop Dogg is a busy guy these days. In addition to cranking out new reggae beats under the pseudonym “Snoop Lion,” a name given him by a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica, he’s also just released a electronic compilation called “Loose Joints” under the name DJ Snoopadelic.

He’s busy supporting his charity, the Snoop Youth Football League, too, so we wonder how he has time to take on a line of car care products with graffiti, tattoo and all-around artist Mister Cartoon. The pair are teaming up to promote a new line of washes, waxes, detailers and interior cleaners manufactured by Sanctiond.

Sanctiond considers itself a “lifestyle brand,” targeting the “culturally diverse” consumer with a passion for music, fashion and art, as well as just automobiles. The Mister Cartoon Sanctiond line currently includes 15 products, including three tire shines, polishes and cleaners. Each uses a cutting-edge formula, while the packaging gets hand-drawn art.

The new line, called Sanctiond by Snoop Dogg, will launch initially as a limited-edition range of products. Snoop is working with Sanctiond’s product developers to produce just the right blends, down to the colors and smells.

Citing Snoop Dogg’s global popularity, Sanctiond co-founder and CEO Atticus Firey said of the deal, “This is not a traditional endorsement deal for Snoop Dogg. In addition to being our business partner, he will provide global endorsement services, marketing support and strategic consulting for the brand.”

We’ll admit that we’re a bit skeptical of rap stars launching a line of car care products, but we’d be just as cynical if car-care guru Barry Meguiar announced a record deal and tour. What's your take?