In the world of almost pointlessly powerful front-wheel-drive cars, Bisimoto Engineering is a legend. Wringing unbelievable herds of horses from pint-sized engines, the Bisimoto team continues its magic, pulling 600-plus horsepower out of a 1.8-liter Hyundai Elantra GT for SEMA.

Based on the 1.8-liter "NU"-family Hyundai engine, but with Bisimoto's rods, injectors, cams, and turbo kit, plus Arias forged pistons, an AEM series 2 EMS controlling it all, an upgraded Spearco intercooler, an AEM water-methanol kit, and 100 octane fuel powering it all.

Other mods include racing seats and harnesses, a Progress coilover suspension and anti-roll bar kit, an upgraded clutch, 18x8.5-inch Buddy Club wheels, a roll cage,  and of course a custom body wrap, which you can see in the rendering above. For the full mods list, check out page two.

The real car will be shown at SEMA in Las Vegas October 30-November 2.


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