For those that had expected a totally new Lexus concept to come forth down under, we're sorry: this is the LF-LC Blue Concept, which is primarily different from the LF-LC shown at Detroit this year in color only.

We do, fortunately, get a single new spec, however, finally elucidating the power of the LF-LC hybrid drivetrain, the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Rated at 500 horsepower combined (Lexus doesn't break it down into combustion engine versus electric motor figures), Lexus says it's the most powerful of any of its hybrids. It also claims the battery pack is smaller and more advanced than in any of its current hybrids. So what's the bottom line with the LF-LC sports-hybrid concept?

"LF-LC is part concept, part reality: the concept hints at what’s to come from Lexus, while the reality has us actively studying how we can engineer and build a vehicle like this in the future," said Lexus Australia's Tony Cramb at the vehicle's unveiling at the Australian International Motor Show.

All other key design and feature elements are identical with the previous red LF-LC concept, though the interior's color scheme has been tweaked to better suit the blue exterior. Here, we find twin 12.3-inch LCD screens that provide information and navigation display.

Inputs come from a touch-screen control board in the center console. The interface is used to control the audio system, climate controls and navigation, and features a pop-up touch-screen keyboard for more complex entries.

Set directly in front of the driver, multi-level meters layer analogue and LCD technologies. The bottom layer displays temperature, fuel and the background for an Eco meter (tells you how green your driving style is). The middle layer is the tachometer mechanical centre ring. The topmost layer provides indicators for the tachometer, speedometer and Eco meter.

Surfaces throughout the cabin are presented in a combination of smooth leather and suede, with brushed metal trim and wood accents.

Cramb did hint that the LF-LC isn't just for show, though. "Its good looks mask some very exciting design and engineering innovations that will influence Lexus vehicles in the future."

Exactly which features will make the cut and which will be relegated to concept-only status, however, remains a mystery.


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