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  • HSV stand at the 2010 Australian Motor Show

    Due to a combination of rising costs, a lack of interest from automakers and falling ticket sales, the annual Australian Motor Show was canceled after 2012 and has not been revived since. That’s set to change with automotive groups in Australia teaming up to launch the new Australian Motoring Festival, which will host its first event in 2015 alongside the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. The inaugural event will take place at Melbourne Showgrounds, not far from the Albert Park street circuit, and will run from March 26-29, 2015. As previously reported, the Australian Motoring Festival...

  • HSV stand at the 2012 Australian Motor Show
    Australian Motor Show Set To Return In 2015?

    They may not have an auto industry in a couple of years, but at least the Aussies may once again have their own auto show to attend. At one point Australia had major auto shows taking place annually in state capitals Sydney and Melbourne but in 2010 the separate events merged into the combined...

  • Ford Falcon badge
    New Ford Falcon To Hit Aussie Market In 2014

    The boss of Ford’s Australian division, Bob Graziano, ended months of silence on the fate of the Ford Falcon by confirming that a new generation of the large sedan will be launched in the Australian market in 2014. Graziano made the confirmation at the 2012 Australian Motor Show earlier...

  • 2013 Subaru BRZ fitted with STI upgrades
    Subaru Previews New STI Upgrades For The BRZ

    Though it’s not quite the new BRZ STI model we’ve been hoping for, Subaru has unveiled a range of performance upgrades for the BRZ sports car developed by its performance arm Subaru Tecnica International. The upgrades were previewed today on a concept vehicle at the 2012 Australian...

  • Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept
    Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept Underwhelms In Australia

    For those that had expected a totally new Lexus concept to come forth down under, we're sorry: this is the LF-LC Blue Concept, which is primarily different from the LF-LC shown at Detroit this year in color only. We do, fortunately, get a single new spec, however, finally elucidating the power of...

  • Teaser for new Lexus hybrid coupe concept
    Lexus To Debut 500-HP Hybrid Coupe Concept At 2012 Australian Motor Show

    Lexus has confirmed it will unveil a new hybrid coupe concept at the 2012 Australian Motor Show taking place in Sydney this October. Few official details have been released, though Lexus has stated that the new concept is a further development of a concept shown at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show...

  • 2011 FPV GT Concept

    While the production version of the FPV GT Concept doesn't get any serious performance mods, future models from the Ford tuner certainly may.

  • 2011 Volvo S60 Performance Project
    Volvo unveils S60 Performance Project, hints at new PCP model

    Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report of a new high-performance division brand being considered by Volvo, comes this concept car that was unveiled late last week at the 2011 Australian auto show. Based on the Volvo S60 R-Design, the new concept car is called the S60 Performance Project and...

  • Joss JP1 supercar prototype
    Joss JP1 Australian Supercar Prototype Revealed

    A new supercar is brewing, one fully designed and engineered in Australia. We’re of course talking about the upcoming Joss supercar, a vehicle revealed in preview form at the 2011 Australian Motor Show in Melbourne this week. These preview renderings displayed at the show reveal a fairly...

  • HSV Black Edition range
    HSV Unveils SV Black Edition Range At 2011 Australian Motor Show

    Animosity between Australian performance brands Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) and Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) won’t be helped by the unveilings at the 2011 Australian Motor Show, which kicks off today in the city of Melbourne. We already saw the sinister FPV concept car packing a...

  • 2011 FPV GT Concept
    FPV Reveals Falcon GT Concept Powered By Supercharged Boss V-8

    Today, the most exciting engine in Ford’s global lineup is not found in some high-priced Lincoln or a stylish Euro hatch. No, Ford’s most exciting engine can be found in a limited edition sports sedan sold in Australia by the local division’s in-house tuner Ford Performance...

  • Volkswagen's V10 diesel Touareg R50
    Volkswagen Touareg R50 debuts with V-10 diesel power

    Volkswagen has released full details for its new Touareg R50 high-performance SUV just days ahead of its world premiere at the 2007 Australian auto show in Sydney. We can now confirm that it will be packing a 350hp (258kW) version of its 5.0L V10 TDI and will have a full 850Nm (627lb-ft) of torque...

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