Porsche is ensuring classic race cars like the 917 LH pictured above don’t end up as museum relics, by offering support for owners who actually want to use the cars as their designers intended, racing around a track. Speaking at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion last week, Porsche announced it would expand from serving teams and owners of current 911 race cars to providing a similar service to the large number of collectors of classic Porsche race cars across the country.

Porsche will be establishing a new historic motorsports department in the U.S. that will work closely with the automaker’s official Motorsport Division, based in Germany. The new department, which will form part of the existing Porsche Motorsport North America group, will offer restoration services for the cars as well as storage and maintenance service when not in use.

To kick things off, the new department will provide expert restoration services to the Porsche Museum for many of the vintage competition cars the company owns but haven’t been put on display. When ready, a number of these cars will be entered in the increasingly popular vintage racing circuit around the world, such as the Le Mans Classic.

The new department will be located in Porsche Motorsport North America’s headquarters, which is being relocated to Carson, California where Porsche is building its West Coast Experience Center. The new facility is expected to be ready by fall of next year and will include a 3.0-mile long test track where many of the classic race cars will receive shakedown and roll-out tests before being delivered to race tracks for owners to enjoy.

Note, Porsche isn’t a pioneer in this field. Ferrari has been providing a similar service to owners of its classic race cars though programs such as F1 Clienti, which handles everything from maintenance, transport, organization of races and even the supply of race suits for its customers.