Walking around the paddock areas at Le Mans Classic hurts. Your neck is sore from constantly swiveling back and forth, your feet are sore from walking over the same several miles of historic asphalt a dozen times, and your heart is sore from the aching desire to own, to drive, to even sit in just one of these cars.

It's a good pain, though, and one we'd gladly experience again. There's a lot of beauty in the pain.

So much beauty, in fact, that it's nearly impossible to take it all in--there's so much going on on track, so many cars strewn about the paddock, pit, and event space, so many fans and clubs in the parking areas--even the general event parking lots are filled with multiple examples of cars you might see once in ten years on the road. It's a gearhead's ultimate playground.

Unfortunately, despite the thronging crowds, not that many people get to experience the magic of Le Mans Classic for themselves. As a salve for the pain you're sure to feel, we give you 150-plus photos from our three days on site. How many cars can you identify? Which would you park in your fantasy garage?

But this isn't all: look forward to more, including video of time spent on the track, in the coming days.