Plenty of automakers, ranging from BMW through Chrysler’s SRT group, will train you on the fine art of driving their respective automobiles properly. Porsche takes that one step further: not only will the Stuttgart-based automaker train you to drive its cars, it will also coach you on topics ranging from driver fitness through proper hydration strategies for competition.

Porsche currently has three “Experience Centers” worldwide, including facilities at the Silverstone Circuit in England, in Leipzig, Germany and in Shanghai, China. It’s also building an Experience Center at its new U.S. Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and has just announced plans for a second North American Experience Center.

The new facility will be located just minutes (or hours, depending upon traffic) from the Los Angeles International Airport, and it’s being designed to offer an impressive array of programs. There will be traditional track driving instruction for Porsche owners (and fans willing to pay tuition prices), but Porsche will also offer programs focusing on real-world skills targeted to new drivers.

In fact, there will even be programs for children, since Porsche envisions the facility as a   family vacation destination. Not all classes will focus on driving, since Porsche will also run a sports science lab and fitness training facility from the Carson, California Experience Center. Sometimes the biggest performance gains can be had by modifying the driver, not the car.

Southern California is one of Porsche’s largest markets in the United States, and it’s also a mecca for auto enthusiasts in general. By building a state-of-the-art training facility, and hosting automotive-themed clubs and events, Porsche will certainly benefit from the additional exposure. We’d call that a win for enthusiasts and Porsche alike.