We'll have to wait about two years for Porsche's new U.S. headquarters facility to be completed, but when it arrives it'll include a test track that will be used as part of a buyer experience unlike anything Porsche has previously offered in the U.S. European buyers, plus those buyers that have gone to Europe to pick up their cars, may have tasted the sweet fruits of a Porsche factory-backed track experience, and soon U.S. fans can too.

But beyond the track, the Experience Center, if it's anything like the one at Silverstone in the U.K., will include a theory lesson on how to drive your car, tests on your own physical abilities (reaction speed, vision, concentration, coordination), and lay the foundation for making you a better driver—and thereby your Porsche a better sports car.  Perhaps you'll be one of the first to hit the track at the new facility in a next-gen 911.

For the full take on Porsche's U.S. headquarters upgrade plans, read the post on our sister site The Car Connection.


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