Day two of our 30 Days of the 2014 Jaguar F-Type starts where everyone should: ogling the little roadster.

The second image in the gallery above was submitted especially for Motor Authority by Jaguar Land Rover North America's vice president of communications, Stuart Schorr.

The F-Type almost doesn't have to be any good, simply because it's so good-looking. So we've gathered all of our live photos, official photos, prototype photos, and even spy photos of the car for your pleasure. There's almost certainly a wallpaper or twelve in here.

Don't worry, we'll be moving beyond the superficial into the substantive and even the highly technical before the month is out. We just wanted to start things off with a simple appreciation for the F-Type's beauty.

Handy tip: you don't have to hit ESC if your boss/significant other/spouse walks into the room. It's not porn. It just feels like it.