Those of us on this side of the pond have long had a love / hate relationship with the Audi RS6. While we loved the idea of a twin-turbo V-10 station wagon (the RS6 Avant) with 580 horsepower, we hated that fact that we could only read about how good the car was.

The RS6 Avant was not for U.S. customers, as its twin-turbo V-10 engine couldn’t meet U.S. emission standards, and modifying it for compliance was deemed too expensive for the low volumes produced. A new RS6 is on the horizon (in both sedan and wagon variants), and rumor has it that we may even see this version in the United States.

If Autocar is correct, that will turn out to be a very good thing. Audi, it seems, is gunning to be the king of horsepower in midsize sport sedans, with the upcoming RS6 expected to pack 572 horsepower and “more than” the 479 pound feet of torque delivered by the same forced-induction V-8 in the 2013 Audi S8.

That would put the RS6 ahead of both the current BMW M5 (which has 560 horsepower) and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (which comes with 550 horsepower). Not content to just add more engine, Audi will also make the RS6 lighter by as much as 220 pounds through the use of additional aluminum and carbon fiber.

Audi has yet to release performance numbers, but Autocar says to expect a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time of under 4.5 seconds, undoubtedly helped by the car’s quattro all-wheel-drive. Top speed is said to be capped at 155 mph, although the car is rumored to have a  theoretical top speed of 198 mph.