While most of us here would argue that there’s no such thing as too much track time, we also understand that high speed lapping, under the watchful eye (and occasionally, the harsh criticism) of an instructor isn’t for everyone.

Mercedes-Benz understands this, too, which is why it offers an incredibly diverse range of programs through its AMG Driving Academy. On the high-performance side, you can sign up to drive the SLS AMG GT3 racer, but only after you’ve proven your physical fitness and driving ability to the satisfaction of the school’s instructors.

If a day at driving school boot camp isn’t your idea of a good time, perhaps the AMG Driving Academy’s EMOTION - Tour Spirit of AMG is more to your liking. Starting with a guided factory tour of AMG in Affalterbach, Germany, the program proceeds with a gourmet lunch and a tour of the German countryside in Mercedes' tuning partner's latest vehicles.

That sounds suspiciously like a new vehicle press launch to us, down the gourmet food and the scenic local driving roads. We think this is sheer genius on the part of Mercedes-Benz, and we salute it for figuring out a way to charge the general public to attend vehicle launches.

You probably get some pretty nice swag from AMG as well, so trust us on this - you’ll want to find a way to work the EMOTION - Tour Spirit of AMG into your upcoming vacation plans.