Sign up for most driving schools, and the course will consist of a few hours of classroom  time, followed by paced laps around a track to learn the line, followed by instructor ride-alongs, followed by semi-unrestricted lapping, interspersed with more classroom instruction.

It’s a tried and true formula that seems to work in most environments, at least with modestly-powered cars. As four-time Trans Am champ and AMG brand ambassador Tommy Kendall points out in this video series, the SLS AMG GT3 isn’t quite like most track-prepared cars.

Sign up to drive the SLS AMG GT3 through the AMG Driving Academy, and the instructors will test you as much as you get to test the car. There are conditioning and endurance tests to pass before you get on track, since AMG is serious about maintaining a safe on-track environment with its fastest student-driven cars.

Get through day one, and day two begins with stretching exercises and a morning jog. From there, it’s time to get suited up in Nomex before heading to the track. You’re not climbing into the SLS AMG GT3 just yet, however, until you proven yourself in the SLS AMG road car.

Once you’ve learned the line around the Lausitzring, the instructors decide if you’ve progressed to the point that you can be trusted in the SLS AMG GT3 race car. First, they’ll give you acceleration, braking and shifting exercises; master those, and you’ll be turned loose with an instructor who’ll watch your every move behind the wheel.

Pass this test, and we assume you’re given some latitude for lapping the car on your own. For an experienced racer like Kendall, the program probably seems like just another day in the office. For us mere mortals, however, the multi-day program will likely serve up a lifetime of memories, not to mention driving skills that can be used daily.

The three-part video gives you a great idea of what to expect from the AMG Driving Academy’s top-tier program. For more information on this, or on any AMG Driving Academy program, head on over to the AMG Driving Academy website.